Ensuring Top Quality

Geology: The fluorite deposits are believed to be of hydrothermal origin in the Post-Miocene era when lavas formed a protective cap over Precambrian rocks in the area. The main deposit of fluorite is located at Kimwarer and is exposed on a series of five hills, four of which have been mined. Two other minor deposits […]

Processing Ore

The mined ore is hauled a short distance of between 2 km and 7 km by contracted trucks to the crushing plant. The ore is first crushed in a tertiary stage crushing plant from a feed of 350 mm to less than 16mm in size. It is then conveyed to the grinding circuit where the […]

Mining Operations

The deposit has been commercially mined since 1971. Initially, metallurgical grade fluorspar was produced. In 1975 a 100,000 ton per annum acid grade fluorspar concentrator was commissioned and by 1979 metallurgical grade fluorspar was no longer produced as primary product, but can still be produced as secondary product for smaller consignments. The Kimwarer ore deposit […]