A story of shared success.

​​The Kenya Fluorspar story spans two decades of success for the company and the local community.

The company brought management expertise to a struggling state operation taking charge of the mining, processing and exporting of fluorspar in 1997.

Becoming one of the few large-scale mining operations in Kenya, it led foreign exchange earnings for the country.

The company plant ushered in a new era of progress for the local economy and community.

Uplifting the living standards of both employees and the wider community through a range of initiatives in education, health, and the environment.

Significant investment by the company contributed to the success of many primary and secondary schools, libraries, and sports and medical facilities in the region.

The company’s social responsibility activities also included the provision of clean water supplies, the maintenance of accessible roads and emergency assistance.

A severe market downturn early in 2016 forced Kenya Fluorspar to cease all operations and the Company’s presence in the Kerio Valley was terminated on lease expiry end March 2018, but it continued to support the community through various charitable and donor organisations.


Fluorspar Mining

Our Process

Open-Cast Mining

Kenya Fluorspar operated across seven separate open-cast mining sites, from which ore was mined depending on the grade and quality required.

Fluorspar Mining


High-Quality Demands

As fluorspar is used in high-tech manufacturing processes, quality was vital. Kenya Fluorspar consequently had strict quality control protocols throughout the various processes.

Fluorspar Mining


Shipped Around the World

Kenyan fluorspar was exported to major manufacturing concerns around the world, including Europe, the Middle East and India.

The end of our 21-year lease in 2018 unfortunately coincided with a severe market downturn which forced the company to close operations prematurely.

However, we continue to take an interest in the wellbeing of the broader local population within Kenya and lend our support through various partner charity/donor organizations, such as The KenSap Project, the KEY Initiative and The Do Right Programme.

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Our Story

The Kerio Valley -
The Kenya Fluorspar Story

The story of fluorspar mining in Kenya began over half a century ago when a lone prospector trying his luck on the slopes of the remote Kerio Valley mistook some interesting looking rocks for gemstones. What he had stumbled across were not gemstones but purple fluorite, a mineral used around the world in many critical industrial processes including metallurgy, ceramics and the manufacture of optical lenses.

From small beginnings, when the fluorite was mined by hand and transported by donkeys up the precipitous valley slopes, the industry faced many ups and downs overs the years as various approaches were tried to bring success to the enterprise. In order to exploit the deposits on a larger scale, the Kenya government decided to purchase the land and compensate the owners, completing the exercise in 1986.

Bringing in a new level of management expertise, the company ushered in a new era of progress for the business and the community.

The Kenya Fluorspar

In 1996, under an economic reform program, the Kenya government decided on privatisation and, after an open tender process, the Kenya Fluorspar Company was granted a 20-year lease over an area of 3,664 hectares of the government land. This entitled the company to carry out all mining operations and exploratory drilling.

Bringing in a new level of management expertise, the company ushered in a new era of progress for the business and the community. Employing the most modern mining techniques coupled with strict environmental protection practices, the company became one of the few large-scale mining and metallurgical operations in Kenya as well as one of the country’s leading foreign exchange earners.

As the only commercial concern operating in the region, Kenya Fluorspar fully committed to its role in uplifting the living standards of both employees and the wider community, through support for health, educational and social amenities.

Operations came to a halt at the end of the company’s 20-year lease in 2018, which coincided with a severe downturn in the worldwide fluorspar market.

An extensive investment program focused on several key areas:

Fluorspar Clinic consultation


A Modern Medical Clinic with Extensive Services

In view of its remote location in the Kerio Valley, Kenya Fluorspar recognized from the beginning that the provision of medical facilities to the surrounding community was a top priority.

Learning with a smart board


High-Tech Classrooms and Award-Winning Libraries

The surrounding community was justifiably proud of the success of its schools and libraries—a success made possible as a result of significant investment by Kenya Fluorspar.

Tree planting


Caring for the Community's Environment

In addition to carrying out its mining and other operations to the highest international standards, Kenya Fluorspar had an extensive environmental program that focused on several key areas.

Dojo celebration day


Taekwondo and Beyond

Kenya Fluorspar supported sports and recreational activities in the community, including investments in infrastructure and events for taekwondo and running.

Fluorspar community event

Other Initiatives

Supporting the Wider Community

In addition to supporting community services and assistance in health, education, environment, and sports, Kenya Fluorspar helped the wider Kerio Valley community with infrastructure projects and other assistance.