In addition to carrying out its mining and other operations to the highest international standards, Kenya Fluorspar had an extensive environmental program that focused on several key areas.

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Environmental Program Initiatives

The environmental program included the provision of basic amenities, including clean, potable water to the surrounding area through water purification system installations. Throughout its 21-year lease, the Company provided the local community with clean potable water. It also supported the installation of water purification systems and a borehole in 2015.

The isolation of the region also required almost continuous work on repairing and improving the roads into the Kerio Valley to keep them accessible. 13 kilometres of the public road from Kimwarer to Nyaru and 20 kilometres of internal roads were regularly maintained by Kenya Fluorspar. Support was also given to partially construct the Koisen Road to assist the Simit community in getting access to the highlands. This project was dependent on equipment availability and impacted by weather which slowed down progress. Materials were also supplied for the repairs of two community pedestrian bridges in the Chemoibon community which had been washed away by floods.

The most popular of the Company’s environmental activities were regular tree-planting exercises undertaken throughout the region. With the help of local schools, and in conjunction with the local administration, these exercises targeted the planting of 10,000 trees per annum within the leased and surrounding area. This involved the donation of tree seedlings to primary schools annually during World Environment Day.