Exporting to the World

Kenyan fluorspar was exported to major manufacturing concerns around the world, including Europe, the Middle East and India.

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Loading Shipments for Export

The loading of shipments into vessels for export was conducted using an automatic Demag Ship Loader, owned, and operated by Bamburi Portland Cement Company. The facility was old and capacity was an average loading rate of 2,500 tons per day. The quantity loaded and moisture analyses were continuously monitored and verified by an independent surveyor.



Technically described as chemically inert, non-reactive, non-flammable, non-hazardous mineral sand, fluorspar required no hazard labeling per IMO regulations. There were also no special precautions for storage. However, to maintain purity, it was not allowed to be contaminated by any other material, as it was used as the base product in sensitive chemical processes.

Weight sampling and analyses were performed by SGS Kenya Ltd. The gross weight loaded was established by draft survey of the shipment. Sampling, moisture determination, and quality analysis of guaranteed elements were done per international standards and analyses were conducted by SGS (Kenya), the Company and an independent international laboratory for each shipment.