The Company and surrounding community was justifiably proud of the success of its schools and libraries—a success made possible as a result of significant investment by Kenya Fluorspar.

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Features of Fluorspar Primary School

The school established boarding and dormitory facilities with ~110 pupils boarding every year.

The school was equipped with wifi, allowing for online interactive learning for pupils and DSTV was set up to expose pupils to global news, sports and entertainment.

Each class featured a smart board system which consisted of a laptop and overhead projector. Pupils received computer training in a computer lab that featured 30 computers, with relevant training as part of their curriculum. Additional classes were provided by teachers in the evenings and on weekends to further support pupils’ learning.

Additional services available to students were free Taekwondo classes and annual school tours to Nairobi and other venues dependent on the class.


Early Childhood Development Centre

The available education facilities were enhanced in 2008 when Chairman Charles Field-Marsham and his wife Rita funded the construction of a new nursery school or early childhood development (ECD) centre. The 90-pupil school was constructed by the local community and employees of the Company with technical assistance from the Free The Children organisation for the benefit of the children of employees and the surrounding community. It was well equipped with educational games, toys and recreational equipment to enhance the learning experience for the little ones.


State-of-the-Art Library

Through Kenya Fluorspar’s partnering organisation Knowledge Empowering Youth (KEY), Fluorspar Primary School was also equipped with a state-of-the-art library, which was annually rated as one of the top three libraries in Kenya. This library was fully equipped with resources, including computers for use by the students.

In 2016, the library was voted the best primary school library in Kenya. This win was featured in various media articles, one of which highlighted the focus on new technology under the headline ‘Fluorspar Primary Ahead of the Pack’.


Assistance Provided to Other Schools

Kenya Fluorspar and KEY also provided the following assistance to primary and secondary schools in the surrounding community:

Sesia Primary School:
– 3 Classrooms Built
– Fully Equipped Library Built

Kimwarer Primary School:
– Administration Block Built
– 2 Classrooms Built
– Donation of Furniture
– Donation of Books and Educational Materials

Chemoibon Primary School:
– 2 Classrooms Built
– Donation of Desks
– Donation of Bedding
– Donation of Books and Educational Materials

Muskut Primary School:
– Fully Equipped Container Library Built – first of its kind in Kenya
– Donation of Books and Educational Materials

Chepsirei Primary School:
– Administration and Staff Block Built
– Donation of Desks
– Donation of Books and Educational Materials
– 2 Classrooms Built
– Sponsorship of Employment of Teachers (2) to Supplement Short Staff

Kapkono Primary School:
– Donation of Books and Educational Materials
– Donation of Sports Equipment
– Sponsorship of Employment of a Teacher (1) to Supplement Short Staff

Chop Primary School:
– 3 Classrooms Built

Kimwarer Nursery School:
– Donation of Books and Educational Materials
– Levelling of Sports Field

Kepwapmwen Primary School:
– Donation and Setup of Generator
– Donation of Building Materials
– Donation of Books and Educational Materials
– Donation of Beds and Bedding for Dormitory

Koimur Primary School:
– Donation of Beds and Bedding
– Donation of Books and Educational Materials
– Fully Equipped Library Built

Soy Secondary School:
– Donation of 50 Decker Beds, Chairs, and Lockers
– Grading of Sports Field

Kocholwo Secondary School:
– Donation of Beds and Bedding
– Building of a New Dormitory to Replace One Destroyed by Fire (USD 35,000)

St. Patrick’s Secondary School:
– Fully Equipped Library Built
– Stocktaking of Books in School

Metkei Secondary School:
– Donation of 2 Laptops and 2 Projectors
– Donation of 50% of Generator Cost and Setup
– Sponsorship of Annual KCSE Awards for 4 Years
– Donation of Fully Equipped Library and 3 Water Tanks to Catch Rainwater

Kimwarer Secondary School:
– Administration Block Built
– Donation of Games Equipment
– Donation of Books and Educational Materials


KenSAP Program

Through the KenSAP program, ~15-18 top students were selected annually from KCSE listing for a sponsor orientation program preparing them for U.S. Universities, for which they were fully sponsored (at a cost of ~US$ 100,000-150,000 per annum).


Other Assistance Provided

Kenya Fluorspar also provided the following assistance:

– Scholarships for needy students to National Schools – approximately 30 children were sponsored annually.
– Provided scholarships for 24 students for 4 years undertaking technical courses at RVTTI Eldoret and one student taking a Diploma in Clinical medicine and surgery at Muranga MTTC.
– Paid salaries for 3 PTA teachers in public schools.
– Provided major sponsorship for the annual District Education Day in cooperation with the County Education Department.
– Arranged and paid for electrical connections to surrounding public primary schools.
– Provided transport during annual KCPE exams for delivery of exam papers and assisted with logistics.
– Provided meals to candidates and invigilators during the KCPE for 3 days in public schools.
– Made various book donations to several schools.
– Assisted with boarding expenses for public schools (i.e. meals and equipment).
– Sponsored a 2-day educational tour for 2 public schools to Kisumu and Western Kenya.