Another Year and Another Reward from E-Kitabu

September 24 2014

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To Bright Langat, a class 8 pupil in our school, the National ekitabu essay competition topic (Technology in My Education, A Dream or Reality) was done not out of sheer imagination but based on reality. Step in Fluorspar Primary school and be sure you are entering an e-learning Zone!

On 24th September, 2014, he was awarded a laptop, certificate and a school bag alongside other finalists during the 17th International Book Fair at Sarit Centre in Nairobi. Of the over 2700 entries from both Primary and Secondary schools, he was a runner-up in his category.

‘‘It was a dream come true for me to emerge victorious in the essay competition but to receive a laptop was a pleasant surprise, I love computers…’’ said an excited Bright.

E-learning is not a novel concept at Fluorspar School. We take pride in the six smart boards, wireless internet readily available for the learners and a fully equipped ICT Centre. The e-books recently loaded on the kobo e-readers in our library is a mile stone.

At Kenya Fluorspar, the sky is never the limit, so we believe! A new Version of Msingi Pack, 33 licenses to be precise, were acquired for learners from the ekitabu stand at the book fair to upgrade the current software.

At the function KFC was recognized as being one of the leaders in the development of e-learning facilities and reading material within Kenya.