Assistance to St Patricks in Iten

November 22 2012

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On Thursday 22 November 2012 Fluorspar School bus with 30 children and 3 teachers went to St Patrick’s Secondary School in Iten to assist them in organizing their new library which was donated by the Field-Marsham Foundation.

The students from Fluorspar Primary School managed to complete the following: created a catalogue for all the newly acquired books; covered a total of 630 books; prepared 500 book pockets; reorganized the shelves; and did spine labeling of the already covered books.

On completion of the tasks time was spent with some Form 3 students of St Patrick’s advising them of the benefit of the newly acquired library and how to take care of the books. It was a wonderful experience allowing the children to interact with children form a National School but also allowing them to share their experiences and skills in this field with another School within the District. This could be the start of a closer relationship between the schools allowing students to share ideas and provide assistance on a collective basis.

Fluorspar Primary was also the beneficiary of a new library courtesy of the Field-Marsham Foundation earlier this year.

Earlier in the month Kenya Fluorspar Company provided assistance in finalisation of the structure by providing and installing additional lighting in the building as well as erecting the desks. In addition KFC set up the internet connections for the school allowing them access to the web for referencing work.

Fluorspar Primary School intends visiting St Patrick’s in the new year to complete outstanding work.