Fluorspar ECD Graduation Ceremony 2013

December 2013

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The 2013 Fluorspar school ECD graduation ceremony was marked with pomp and color as teachers, parents and the entire Fluorspar company management team led by the Managing Director Mr. Nico Spangenberg arrived to celebrate this important academic milestone.

The MD appreciated the organizers for the high standard and quality of the event which he said is an indicator that the community had embraced the spirit of working and being part and parcel of the development agenda by the company.

He urged parents to appreciate the goodwill of the company in providing facilities, educational materials that helps to lay foundation for the future of the children in the valley. Despite being in a hardship area the company has been able to play its rightful role and it hoped that all of this would translated into opportunities for the children.

The MD appealed for cooperation by all stakeholders in order to achieve desired results. Following the policy by the Education Ministry in 2012 on form 1 selection criteria, the Company organized for schools for 8 deserving students from Fluorspar School in 2012 when they were not recognized in the allocation process.

He congratulated the graduates and welcomed them to the ‘BIG’ School.

In her speech, the Chief Guest Madam Gladys Kamithi, County Quality Assurance Officer, appreciated the company’s role in the provision of very expensive facilities to the school. Endowed with these resources the chief guest challenged teachers to utilize the opportunity and realize good results.

She marveled at the presentations and congratulated the graduates for this achievement. She also advised parents to continue supporting the school and reminded teachers in the primary section to receive the learners with love and help them achieve their dreams.

The ceremony was concluded with the traditional cake cutting ceremony.