Fluorspar Primary achievement at the Ekitabu Awards

September 2013

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Fluorspar primary school offers and maintains high quality education that enables learners to develop the desire to learn and achieve high standards in all aspects of life.

I.C.T is one major area that has made our vision realizable. The introduction of e-learning in teaching and learning has made it even more interesting and contributed to improvement of education and development of skills.

EKitabu specializes in digitizing of reading books allowing school children to be able to read books electronically on devices and KFC has 50 Kobo readers which were donated in 2012 via the Canada Taekwondo initiative.

Lorna Kigen and Dennis Kipkoech (pictured), students from our school, participated in this year’s ekitabu essay competition whose theme was “How will technology improve my learning?”. They managed to attain a top ten position in the country and were awarded a certificate for their achievement.

Participating in the ekitabu essays assisted the learners in: English composition and writing skills, such as writing a persuasive essay, using facts to support an argument, creative thinking and enforcing fundamentals of grammar, spelling and writing style; I.C.T skills, such as using a computer usage accessing websites and typing. These skills are absolute necessary in the modern technology era; and creativity and imaging the future.

KFC School will strive to continue its improvements to make available latest technologies in the education of our children for the benefit of the Communities.